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It has been shown through a research that our right brain is more efficient. Therefore, there felt a need to develop an education system that would also develop the students’ right brain. In order to fulfill the long felt need, Abacus education and Vedic Mathematics came into picture as both the programs lead to the development of brain. If these courses are introduced to children by their parents at their early age, the results will be magical.

As all parents want the best out of their children and in order to make that happen they try their best in all the possible aspects. Developing your child’s intellect and computing capability is an important task which needs a constant attention. Mostly, parents find it difficult to find a centre where they can get their kids enrolled for Abacus education and Vedic mathematics course. And, also it is impossible for them to get centers in each and every location. To solve this problem, Brain Master Arithmetic System, one of the leading companies (having 165 centre franchises) in abacus education and Vedic Math’s, has decided to work on it. After a long process of research and development for years, we are ready to solve this problem. And, for that purpose, we are pleased to announce that we have come up with online courses for Abacus education and Vedic Mathematics training for students.

Abacus Education

Abacus Education

Abacus education has consistently been considered as an established approach to improve brain. This form of education not only enables one to calculate in a manner similar to that of a calculator but also helps one in having an enhanced visualization power and a more efficient brain. In order to ensure that you learn Abacus Education properly, we have divided the two-year course into four parts.

It would be really easy for you to understand Abacus if a personal trainer is made available through videos. This way, you will have the freedom to see and understand the concepts as many times as you can. After each video, you will also be provided with practice sheets, answers of which you can check instantly. To make sure that you can practice Abacus exercises daily, we have provided sufficient number of sheets and videos. After completion of each part of the course, certificate will also be provided to those students who obtain minimum 70% marks in the examination.

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Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Math's

Vedic Mathematics, which derives its terminology from Vedas, consists of smart tactics to solve lengthy and complex arithmetic calculations. A habit of practicing basics of Vedic mathematics regularly can turn you into a ‘human calculator’. This will help you not only in daily life but also in other activities such as competitions related to mathematics, jobs requiring mathematical knowledge etc.

We have divided the entire course in three parts i.e. Level-1, Level-2, and Level- 3. Throughout the duration of the course, a personal trainer will be made available to you through videos. If you do not understand concepts initially, there will always be an option to understand them again by just clicking ‘replay button’. You will also be provided with facility to practice Vedic Mathematics after each and every video. For this, practice sheets will be provided, correction of which could be done immediately. Practice improves efficiency and this, we believe, must be an integral part of the course. Hence, we will provide extra sheets for your daily practice.

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Why Online

  • Since it’s an online course, you can learn it from your home. So, in that way, it will save your time and energy both, which is spent while you go to a centre.
  • The existing classes at centres are very costly; we are providing this course at a very economical price.
  • For any inconvenience we are providing you 1 hour online support through Skype. You can use this facility in one time or in parts.
  • You can have the classes as per your convenience; whenever you don’t want to continue a video, you can stop it there and play it whenever you have time.
  • It is very advantageous for those students who are a bit shy and hesitant in nature. In an actual classroom, they might hesitate in asking the teacher for their doubts, but in a virtual classroom, they can learn the course by replaying the videos.
  • In centers, the way of teaching will be different and the same will depend on the teacher’s way of presentation. We have provided an ideal way of teaching and the course content is prepared by the most proficient mentors of our company. United States

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