Abacus History

Abacus is a tool used for calculation and computation. In the ancient time, centuries prior to the adoption of Hindu-Arabic number system, Abacus was known with different names and was widely used in China, Russia and Europe. In 1387 AD, a middle English work borrowed the term abacus from the Latin word ‘abacus’ to describe a calculating tool and since then it has been in common parlance. Even at present, in some parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Africa, the abacus is still used by the clerks, merchants and traders for doing calculations. Now, it has emerged as a technique used by Chinese, Japanese and Koreans to enhance their arithmetical skills and to holistically improve the mental and cognitive skills of the children. This program has now become popular in our country.

Abacus is a very interesting and effective approach to teach numbers and mental arithmetic to kids. There are numerous ways to teach numbers; some of them can be interesting and fun, whereas some can be exhausting for the young children. All things considered, Abacus is an extraordinary device to instruct counting and numbering to your child. The improvement in arithmetical capacities is said to be because of a synchronized functioning of both left and right brains. As memory and learning in any area is accomplished by overseeing and examining the distinctive sources of info, whether an abacus student would likewise upgrade the short-term memory all in all was broke down in our review.

Here we discuss the ripple effects of Abacus Education in the enhancement of numerical memory. This can be exhibited by asking that students recollect three to nine digits and to tell the numbers on the premise of memory items orally. Abacus students are observed to be astounding in the exactness of their mental ability and the variety of numbers they can recall in comparison to non-abacus students of a similar age. This is on the grounds that abacus students put figures on the abacus picture and ascertain the same mentally through imagination. Utilizing the visualization skills of the abacus empowers students to try and retain numbers in reverse.

In the event that we discuss about the improvement in solving general arithmetic problems which are taught in primary school, it was demonstrated through an examination of third standard students that abacus education has empowered the learners to score higher than non-abacus learners on certain arithmetical problems. Moving ahead with advanced or higher level abacus learners, they were found to have gotten considerably more alluring impacts in arithmetic problems which contain correlation of size of numbers, counting with multiple choices, word issues alongside fractions.

In research, both the groups were analyzed in different aspects, for example, sound memory, picture memory, memory maintenance and numerous different abilities. Explore proposes that abacus learners will perform better in their studies and surrounding other than science, which requires centralization of sound and visual data sources.

In such ways and considering the above points, we can state that the Abacus education is essential for the kids to improve their mental capability and performance.

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