Is any teacher available during the online Abacus and Vedic Maths training?

We have uploaded all the video classes including the option of help on Skype. Whenever you have a problem in understanding any video classes, you can avail the option of help on Skype by clicking on the “online support” button, and we will revert back to you within 24 hours. We won't share, offer or lease this data to others in the any manner different from what in stated herein without the consent of the data provider. The information collected by us is only for the purpose of providing basic functionality and security.

What are the time durations for abacus and Vedic Maths Courses?

This is an online training program and there is no prescribed time limit for completing the courses. An adult, acquainted with basic arithmetic can complete the training in a week time. However, for the children it is advisable to complete abacus course in approx 2 years and the Vedic Mathematics Course in 9 months as both the courses require enough practice. So it’s only after being through with one chapter and solving the related exercises, they should move to another.

What is the prescribed timing for the scheduled classes in the online courses?

There are no prescribed timings for online Abacus and Vedic Math classes. You can study in your own time as per your convenience after logging in to the portal.

What if I have any doubt regarding a particular video class?

You can replay the video again and if the attempts are over and yet the doubt persists, then exercise the “help on Skype” option.

What is Abacus? What is it used for?

Abacus is an ancient instrument, invented by the Chinese for doing mathematical calculations. It uses beads assembled in rows for doing calculations. Abacus is a means to do quick calculations, improves the visualization and concentration and helps in holistic development of brain.

How does Abacus help in developing the capability of doing mental maths?

Abacus helps in visualizing numbers and related equations, after sufficient practice the child is capable of doing mental math in a quicker way and produces correct answers every time.

What is the prescribed age to learn Abacus and Vedic Maths courses?

Abacus and Vedic Mathematics can be learnt at any age and will result in benefits such faster calculation and analytical skills. However, for the purpose of brain development of children, the prescribed age group for learning Abacus is 4 -14 years and for Vedic Maths the minimum age should be 10.

While using Abacus, does it matter if my child is left handed?

No, it does not matter. Abacus learning is equally effective for both right as well as left handed children.

What is Vedic Math? And how effective is it?

Vedic Math is the part of ancient Indian methodology and has been derived from Atharveda. It helps the children in doing maths more efficiently and quickly. The carefully derived word formulae improve a child’s command over mathematics. The children trained in Vedic Maths are tend to be more logical and analytical.

Does learning Abacus and Vedic Math conflict with the conventional method of teaching maths in school?

No, it does not interfere in any way with the schools methods of teaching maths. In fact, it helps the child relate more to maths.

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