Concept of Vedic Math

Indians with their rich legacy and scholarly bits of knowledge have contributed a ton to the world since time immemorial. It has driven the world with its significant commitment to the domain of science. One such superb and practically otherworldly commitment is the idea of Vedic Mathematics. The idea has its inception in old India, displayed in the religious books of Vedas, which was propounded by Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960). The Science of Mathematics depends on 16 sixteen sutras otherwise called word recipes, these techniques or equations depend on how our mind functions while taking care of day to day problems, in this manner they give an exceptionally simplistic yet extremely effective way to deal with complex mathematical calculations.

The most important aspect of Vedic Maths is the quality of being logical and consistent. Anyone attempting to get a grasp over Vedic Maths will at some point or another understand that it inter-relates distinctive concepts of maths into one comprehensive view. You could take in another technique to multiply two four digit numbers and with a slight change you could likewise divide the two to have a quotient.
Majority of children and youngsters nowadays fear Maths, and it appears to them as a haunting monster in their school tests or any competitive exams. Imagine yourself trying to derive the product of 475 and 324 with a condition that you have to do likewise without the assistance of a calculator. We are certain that majority of people reading this won't even make an attempt to do it, and those who are courageous enough will look for a pen and paper whereas just a few out of those would actually produce a valid result. Now consider the possibility that by utilizing some common tricks of Vedic Maths, you could derive the answer not in minutes but rather amazingly in a few seconds!, Yes, such are the wonders of Vedic Maths. If the children are taught Vedic Maths in their initial years, it will be of an immense help to them through their life.

The best part of Vedic Maths is that it can be learnt by an individual of any age, and requires no formal training. Moreover, the only pre requisite of learning it is the willingness and some hard work to practice what all is being taught.
By starting early in the initial phase of the childhood, a child can benefit a lot from the same. Recently, it was found in a survey conducted on children belonging to the age group of 4 to 14 years, the kids, who had previously been trained on Vedic Math performed much better and could relate more to the advanced concepts of mathematics, for example, Algebra, Linear Equations and so on.

However, it is surprising to find that in India, where in itself the origin of the Vedic Maths lies, there is a lacking with regard to existence of authentic and effective resources of learning the Vedic Maths in terms of classes or training institutes, and amidst the handful of institutes available, there are only few which could be relied upon in terms of quality education. Therefore, as a word of caution, one ought to be skeptical about selecting a reliable and effective option for learning the Vedic Mathematics.

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